Wheal Jane Group

Cornwall’s first soil treatment facility gets under way at the Wheal Jane Earth Science Park

Wheal Jane Ltd is pleased to announce that UK Remediation Ltd, having secured the required planning consents and licenses, have now completed the construction of their new soil treatment facility on a small area within the Wheal Jane site, and are now open for business.

We are excited to now be able to offer Soil Remediation/treatment on the Wheal Jane site, representing an important addition to our current recovery and recycling services. The project will provide an important contribution to Cornwall‘s recycling targets as well as boosting the green credentials of our customers and the Wheal Jane site, all of which supports the ethos behind the creation and approval of the Wheal Jane Master Plan and the development of the Wheal Jane Earth Science Park.

Being the first of its kind in Cornwall, this new facility will be able to accept various hazardous and non-hazardous soils including contaminants such as ASBESTOS, HEAVY METAL and HYDROCARBONS. It will enable these contaminated soils to be treated using approved methods and used for the restoration of our Clemows Valley Tailings Dam. This process removes the need for the material to be transported much further afield, sometimes hundreds of miles, for disposal at landfill.  Removing the need for haulage reduces CO2 emissions and disposal costs for our customers.

Should you have an enquiry, or require further information, please contact us on.

01872 560200 or info@wheal-jane.co.uk

Wildlife Study Project

Grayling butterflyWe are pleased to be supporting a University of Exeter and Cornwall Butterfly and Moth Society project looking at the importance of mine site areas to butterflies, moths, bees and other wildlife. The project called the Cornwall Butterfly and Moth Society PhD Studentship will study the use of the often bare, stony areas created by mine waste such as exist on parts of the Wheal Jane and many other former mining sites throughout Cornwall which are so important to these species. The picture features a Grayling Butterfly on typical mining related ground.

12th September 2019

Avoiding landfill

With many new construction projects popping up across Cornwall, older buildings are often being demolished, especially those which have the rather 70s look that has fallen out of favour. This can mean a lot of leftover materials such as concrete, which if not recycled would go to landfill. However, by using Wheal Jane these old materials can be crushed and screened, turning them into a variety of usable aggregate grades certified to the same standards as quarries.

But this is only part of the Wheal Jane story, We also can separate and reuse the stone content from inert/clean soils to use in our aggregate production as well as accepting contaminated soil and stone waste which can be incorporated on our waste facility for roadbuilding, safety bunds or restoration.

25th July 2019

Bagged Recycled Aggregates now available for collection

Wheal Jane is now keeping tonne bags of our high quality Recycled 803, ready to be collected. Price starting at £28 + VAT per bag.
We can also supply our other products bagged on request if required.

Please call on 01872 560200.

12th July 2019

Sustainable aggregates from recycled materials

When it comes time to source construction materials, many firms are now more interested than ever in the environmental side of things. They may boast green credentials where they are trying to reduce waste and re-use more, or they might be working for a client who is particularly interested in keeping things sustainable. Whatever the reason, using products such as gravel made from recycled materials can have many advantages, so here are some things to think about.

Are recycled aggregates as good as new?

Recycled aggregates may be inexpensive compared to quarried products, but quality is not compromised when you use our recycled aggregates. They are the same grade and quality as new products from a quarry and must adhere to strict Highway Standards when being sold as such, so you don’t have to worry about using them for your important projects. Some things that recycled aggregates might be used for include:

  • Road construction
  • Bulk fills
  • Noise barriers
  • Fill for drainage

They can be simply used as a direct replacement for virgin aggregates, whilst saving you money.

13th June 2019


Our Recycled Aggregates page has been updated!

We have updated our Recycled Aggregates page to include details of the products we offer. You can also view videos of the crusher in action.

Certified Recycled Aggregates

7th June 2019


New site plans defy Brexit gloom

Whilst the grey clouds of Brexit continue to drift over us, things are looking decidedly brighter at Wheal Jane.

A further development of the Earth Science Park cluster at Wheal Jane is all set to take a step forward. Plans for a small new office and workshop building are being considered to replace redundant sheds. The proposal has already brought interest from potential tenants, and if agreements can be reached discussions will begin with Cornwall Council planners and Kea Parish Council.

The project will result in another area of the old mine site being remediated and brought back into use in line with the Masterplan for the site adopted by Cornwall Council.

5th April 2019


Wheal Jane welcomes Department of International Trade (DIT) delegation from around the world

Thirteen international DIT representatives joined their UK colleagues and officers from Cornwall Council on a fact finding visit to Wheal Jane yesterday. In an afternoon of presentations the delegates, all of whom are mining specialists, heard presentations by nine companies who are members of the Cornwall Mining Alliance.

The visit is part of a three day tour in Cornwall which will include visits to South Crofty and Camborne School of Mines. The countries represented by the group included Mongolia, Poland, Brazil, Zambia, Ghana, Chile, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Peru and Nigeria.

The visit reflects the growing recognition of the Cornwall Mining Alliance in highlighting the huge pool of expertise which exists, often in small companies, within Cornwall and Devon, and promoting that collective resource to the global mining sector.

29th November 2018


Renewables students visit Wheal Jane

Twenty renewable energy students studying at Exeter University, Camborne School of Mines successfully dodged wind, rain and chilly temperatures to get up close to the 5,600 solar panels of the Wheal Jane Solar Farm on Friday.

The solar farm, one of the first large-scale installations in the UK has now been operating successfully since 2011, producing enough electricity to support the equivalent of 360 homes.

The solar panels share the site with wildlife including birds of prey living in a historic and now protected open mine working and reptiles in two specially built hibernaria.

27th November 2018


South Crofty Collection – the big question

Twenty years on from the closure of South Crofty Mine, the question sometimes put to us is ‘where does your tin come from?’

The South Crofty Collection was first launched in 1988, and became an integral part of the mining operation. It provided the opportunity to buy a piece of the real Cornwall, a tactile link to its history and Cornwall’s influential, distinctive and arguably most unique feature.

When the mine closed, a quantity of partially refined ore (known as concentrate) was kept aside so that production of our unique jewellery and gifts could continue, at least for a few years. As part of the formation of the Wheal Jane Group, the business and production was relocated to Wheal Jane along with the precious stock of tin concentrate.

Only two employees then remained in the virtually abandoned processing plant where the concentrate had been produced for a number of years. In a moment of reflection, one of them realised that over the years concentrate had collected on conveyor belts, on girders and in all sorts of difficult-to-access nooks and crannies.

There followed months with a dustpan and brush… and the result? Enough concentrate to double the stockpile. So, thanks to a chance thought and a dustpan and brush, we shall be producing beautiful items of pure Cornish tin for a few years yet!

9th October 2018


New addition to the South Crofty Collection

The South Crofty Collection has now released this year’s Christmas decoration – a festive wreath which beautifully complements the other decorations in our range. All our decorations (17 and counting!) are available to purchase now at www.croftytin.co.uk.

5th October 2018





Spaces for rent

Why not join the Wheal Jane Earth Science Park community?

We have individual serviced offices available for rent and a workshop / shed of approx. 1150ft. The site has high speed broadband and other on-site services and facilities. We also have outside storage space available.

For more information, call us on 01872 560200.

3rd August 2018

Carnon Contracting steps up accreditation

Carnon Contracting, the Wheal Jane Group’s contracting and civil engineering business, is now a member of the British Drilling Association (BDA), reflecting its increasing emphasis on the range of drilling services the company offers across the South West.

Meantime, the company has also successfully completed its annual CHAS accreditation review. CHAS (Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme) audits all aspects of an operator’s health and safety, from general H&S arrangements and work equipment procedures to health surveillance for employees.

CHAS was a founder member of SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement), an organisation which promotes a common standard for assessment for supply chain health and safety compliance.

30th July 2018


Pool project completed in time for publicity launch

All the skills of our contracting division have been employed to successfully complete an upgrade to the pool, lazy river and leisure facilities at Perran Sands Holiday Park for owners Bourne Leisure and contractors H&B2000.

The work involved the installation of a cast in-situ concrete pool base, walls and surround, drainage, hard and soft landscaping, and masonry wall installations.

The contract was completed in time for a planned and advertised pool opening publicity campaign. Pictures show the completed project which is now being enjoyed by this year’s visitors to the Resort in Perranporth, Cornwall. For many, the new facilities will have come as a welcome relief during the recent hot weather.

30th July 2018


Wheal Jane gets butterflies

The recent unusually dry and sunny spell has been good news for butterflies and for those studying them.

Paul Browning of the Cornwall Butterfly and Moth Society has captured some stunning photographs of a number of species, including the Speckled Wood, Brimstone, Comma, Gatekeeper, Holly Blue and Orange Tip in the area at Wheal Jane which has been set aside for butterfly conservation.

Of particular interest is the Silver-Studded Blue which is relatively rare inland. It is the heathland variety whose larvae feed on heather. A number have been seen in the area between Wheal Jane and the Poldice Valley, yet in most parts of Cornwall they are absent. The example of this tiny but beautiful butterfly in photograph (1) is a male.

These observations at Wheal Jane highlight the importance of mine sites which typically have large areas of bare or disturbed soil which enables small plants, which butterflies and moths depend on, to establish themselves and thrive.

23rd July 2018

New appointments at Wheal Jane Consultancy

During recent weeks we have been delighted to welcome two new members to our Consultancy team.

Dan Jobson joins the team as a Senior Engineer. As a qualified Engineering Geologist with five years of experience in site investigation supervision as well as office-based consultancy, Dan will be helping develop our range of geotechnical services to our growing client base.

After periods of time based in Bristol, Exeter and Cornwall, Dan has worked on a wide variety of projects across the Southwest.

“It’s great living and working in Cornwall, especially with a company that has a history stretching back over many years, deeply rooted in Cornish heritage. I look forward to working closely with our sister companies, including Carnon Contracting and Wheal Jane Laboratory, in order to provide our clients with a one-stop-shop when it comes to site investigation, and to grow our geotechnical capabilities.”

Bryony Halliday has also joined the Consultancy team this week as a Geotechnical/Environmental engineer. Bryony achieved a degree in Applied Geology at Plymouth University, and after two years as a geotechnical engineer based in Bristol returns to her Cornish roots to join Wheal Jane Consultancy.

Bryony is keen to develop her skills by being involved in a variety of projects from start to finish which we consider to be important in providing continuity to our clients.

“I feel very lucky to be able to come back and work in Cornwall so early on in my career. I hope to build on what I have learnt from working across the UK and use this to help expand the services we currently offer at Wheal Jane Consultancy.”

23rd May 2018

Dale hits the spotlight in Cornwall and South Africa

Dale Foster, our Senior Mining Geologist and Cornish mining specialist at Wheal Jane Consultancy, has been in the spotlight for both his expertise in mining and his many years of involvement in the sport of target shooting.

Dale is currently Chairman of the International Gallery Rifle Federation (IGRF) and officiated over the recent 2017 Gallery Rifle World Championships in Ireland. The current IGRF member counties are the UK, Ireland, Germany, South Africa and Australia. As part of the build up to the 2019 world championships Dale has taken a lead role in a promotional video for the event which will be held at Welkom, in South Africa.

“The 2019 Gallery Rifle world championships will be the first time this event will be held outside of Europe, which presents a number of challenges, but given the professionalism of the South African organizers it is shaping up to be a superb event.”

Closer to home, Dale has been interviewed by West Country television regarding the collapse of Cornish Shaft at the former St Ives Consols Mine in St Ives. With his unrivalled knowledge of mining and historical mine workings in Cornwall, Dale was able to explain this and similar occurrences in context with both authority and clarity.

14th May 2018


Calm before the storm

Cornwall Business Fair 2018

Pictured is the Wheal Jane Group stand all set up and ready for action at the Cornwall Business Fair which took place yesterday at Truro School.

It was only minutes before a steady stream of visitors kept us both busy explaining the full range of services available from the five companies which make up the Group and which between them can provide all the surveys, reports and works which may be required for building and development projects large and small.

If you are involved with land and property development in any way, why not be like those visitors to the show and come and talk to us?

20th April 2018


Cornwall Business Fair

If you are involved with land or property development in any way, you need to be speaking to us at the Cornwall Business Fair today on Stand No 39.

The Wheal Jane Group offers the most comprehensive service for everyone in the development process.

  • Wheal Jane Consultancy – desk based reports and site surveys for site assessment and planning purposes.
  • Carnon Contracting – site investigations, remedial works, drilling, piling and civil engineering.
  • Wheal Jane Laboratory – soil analysis and analytical services.
  • Wheal Jane Ltd – recycled aggregates and tipping facilities.

18th April 2018


Construction Club Success

Foot Anstey Construction ClubWe were delighted to be sponsors of the Foot Anstey Construction Club meeting last Thursday in Truro.

Interest in the event was such that over 60 people attended to learn more about the activities and services provided by the Wheal Jane Group.

According to our hosts Foot Anstey Solicitors, it was one of the best attended events they have held.

We invite and encourage all individuals and companies involved in land of property development to contact us. Even better, you can visit us to see for yourself, or visit our websites to find out more about the unique range of services available not only locally but also all under one roof!

14th March 2018


HMRC working with EA to tackle waste crime

HMRC have announced that from 1 April 2018 the scope of Landfill Tax will be extended to sites operating without the appropriate environmental disposal permit. Operators of illegal waste sites will now be liable for Landfill Tax.

The new legislation contained in the Finance Bill 2017 to 2018 (and subsequent secondary legislation) will provide for:

    • Sites operating without the necessary environmental disposal permit or licence will be liable for Landfill Tax at the standard rate on all material.
    • All material at illegal sites on 1 April 2018 and any material disposed at such sites after this date will be caught by the tax.
    • Anyone who knowingly facilitates the disposal may be jointly and severally liable to any assessment.
    • HMRC will be able to charge an additional penalty of up to 100% of the tax due, and will also have the right to criminally prosecute in the most serious cases.
    • The changes only apply to sites in England and Northern Ireland because Landfill Tax was devolved to the Scottish Parliament in April 2015 and is due to be devolved to the Welsh Assembly from 1 April 2018.

This announcement will mean that anyone who operates, uses or knowingly facilitates the disposal of waste will be liable for Landfill Tax at either the standard rate of £88.95 per tonne or £2.80 lower rate. This will include failure to comply with current waste exemptions rules and fly tipping.

8th March 2018

Wheal Jane to sponsor the Submarine Service in 2018

Team Resurgam 2016

Team Resurgam 2016 wearing the Wheal Jane T-shirt. Left to right: Spike, Frank, Matt, Jamie and H.

Eleven years ago, HMS Tireless suffered an explosion whilst under the ice in the Arctic Ocean, resulting in two fatalities.

To mark the 10th anniversary, former crew member WO1 Damien “H” Holloway decided to take on twelve challenges through 2017 to raise money for the Paul McCann Fund for Needy Children, a charity that was set up in honour of the deceased.

The twelve challenges were:

  • Brecon Beacons Challenge
  • Torbay Half Marathon
  • Six Moor Miles
  • Glyndwrs Way Walk (135 miles)
  • Dartmoor Perambulation (50 miles)
  • French Sportive (100km)
  • Equinox Run (six laps of 10km)
  • Plymouth 10K
  • Eden Half Marathon
  • Dartmoor Vale Half Marathon
  • Florence Marathon
  • Falklands Marathon


H was well supported by friends and crew mates during these challenges, not forgetting the hundreds of training miles, raising a total of £2,127.

For 2018, WO1 Holloway and WO2 Frank Spencer have challenged each other to run over 1,000 miles. This would include at least two marathons, twelve half marathons, Dartmoor 3-In-1 and, with their teammates, in Team Resurgam for Equinox 24.

The challenge will run from 1st of January 2018 to 1st of January 2019, raising money for the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC).

The Wheal Jane Group sponsored H and his team for Equinox 24 2016. The team covered 27 10km laps in a 24-hour period, finishing 9th in the small team category. In 2017, the team again covered 27 laps, finishing 5th in the small team category.

The shirts provided by the Wheal Jane Group with the company logo have been worn as far away as the Falkland Islands. Frank can often be seen in many races or running up and down the Bissoe Trail in his Wheal Jane training shirt. H and Spike wear theirs in Devon, Jamie in Dorset, and Matt in Manchester.

The Wheal Jane Group are delighted to be sponsoring this excellent cause once again for the 2018 challenge.

Best of luck to WO1 Holloway, WO2 Spencer and their teammates.

1st December 2017


Hard Rock Duathlon at Wheal Jane

Cycle event

Photo by Jason Lloyd-King

Yet another successful new sports event has been staged at Wheal Jane. The ‘Hard Rock Duathlon’, organised by Tri-Logic Cornwall, took place on Sunday, November 12th in windy and rather chilly conditions.

Competitor Phil Bristow summarised the event well in his own blog as follows:

“The course consisted of two laps of a guelling off-road two-mile run loop, fifteen laps of the Wheal Jane cycle circuit (0.8 miles per lap), 12 miles in total, followed by one more lap of the run course, just to finish us off.

“Most competitors had ridden the bike circuit, so knew what to expect. Wheal Jane is a popular venue and often holds open days and events. However, the run route, for most folk, was unknown.

“I came out of the first run section in 8th place… I came out in 5th position overall.

“This was the first time this event had been held, and Tri-Logic did a great job. The overall course was tough and long enough with a good variation between an off-road run and a road bike section. This will be a good new addition to the winter calender.

“It has to be said that without the organisers and supporters, events like this would not go ahead, so I have to say a big thank you to Tri-Logic Cornwall and committee members, all the marshals that braved freezing conditions, Wheal Jane and Giant Store Helston.”

Click here to see Phil’s full report. Phil is a keen multi-discipline cyclist, Cytech-qualified bike mechanic, wheel builder, freelance MIAS-qualified mountain bike guide and CTC-qualified cycling guide.

28th November 2017


Glimpse of the past

To mark the centenary of the formation of the Cornish Chamber of Mines, we are featuring extracts and images from the Chamber’s very first year book, published in 1917. Click here to visit our History page and get a fascinating insight into the local mining industry 100 years ago…

23rd November 2017


Latest news from the South Crofty Collection

South Crofty Collection - Dove of Peace

Some big changes have been driving the South Crofty Collection forward over the past six months. The introduction of Paypal on the South Crofty Collection website now enables our customers to buy with even more peace of mind and security – subsequently allowing us to set up and sell on eBay.

The Collection has also released this year’s Christmas decoration – an elegant Dove of Peace which beautifully complements the other decorations in our range. Our decorations are available to purchase now at www.croftytin.co.uk, and will also be available at our stall at the Made in Cornwall Christmas Fair at Lemon Quay in Truro on 29th November – 3rd December 2017. Buy online to make the most of our new gift wrapping service!

19th October 2017


Wheal Jane in the community

Wheal Jane logoThe Wheal Jane Group is proud to give over £15,000 each year to local charities, voluntary organisations and youth sports teams. As well as monetary assistance, we also support local initiatives by making available areas of the site and the use of meeting rooms. As part of an extension to this programme of local support, we are pleased to announce that Wheal Jane will match any charitable fundraising undertaken by members of staff. We are committed to being a positive and active member of the local community.

15th September 2017


Professor Andreas Hauptmann

The mineralogist Professor Andreas Hauptmann, working in ancient metallurgy (archaeometallurgy) in the German Mining Museum and the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, called into Wheal Jane recently whilst in Cornwall on holiday and to further his research project.

Professor Hauptmann is currently studying the composition of tin deposits and the origins of tin and bronze in prehistory, and was looking for information on local mineralogy in relation to tin, copper and arsenic.

We were pleased to be able to provide detailed information and mineral specimens to assist in his research.

30th August 2017


Rebranding the Wheal Jane Group

Wheal Jane Limited RebrandFollowing a review of our Group company brands, we are pleased to launch the new look Wheal Jane Limited logo.

The new design retains the sheave wheel which welcomes visitors to our site and which has always featured in the company’s logo. It has, however, been given a smart new look, bringing it in line with the brand design style and theme of our other Wheal Jane Group businesses.

This review of our branding is part of our marketing and development programme which is promoting the complementary nature of the services provided by each business within the Wheal Jane Group.

“Working together to provide seamless solutions for our clients.”

22nd August 2017


First Italian visitors to Wheal Jane

Italian students visit Wheal JaneThirty Italian students and staff from the Mercator English Language Training School based in St Austell completed the first of three field trips based on their chosen theme of sustainability last week.

The event, aimed at presenting the history and development of the Wheal Jane site as an Earth Science Park, and the historical significance of mining to Cornwall both past and present, began with a talk to the group at the Cornwall College campus in Newquay.

The group then travelled to Wheal Jane where they were able to see the site and some of the business activities taking place, including mining analysis for clients worldwide, a mine water treatment installation and Cornish tin jewellery production.

Giving language students an explanation of why ‘wheel’ was spelt ‘wheal’ was an interesting early topic of conversation!

27th July 2017


Old Cornwall Society visit Wheal Jane

Such was the interest in what goes on at Wheal Jane among members of the St Germans and Portscatho Old Cornwall Society that we had to split them into two groups, each visiting on different days. After a talk about the history of Wheal Jane and the formation of the Wheal Jane Group of companies, the groups were able to see facilities and activities, including the Wheal Jane Laboratory and the various analytical methods and services we provide to the mining sector worldwide. They also viewed our Cornish tin jewellery in production. All of these businesses are a part of the site’s development as an Earth Science Park.

Peter Messer-Bennetts of the Society commented, “May I again thank you and your staff for making a visit to Wheal Jane so interesting and enjoyable, the feedback in the village has been great.”

30th June 2017


Working together for best results

Wheal Jane EnterprisesIn a perfect example of the Wheal Jane Group companies working together to provide seamless solutions for our clients, Wheal Jane Consultancy have completed another successful site investigation project on behalf of Carnon Contracting and their client.

The site at Telegraph Hill in St Day is in an area known to have seen extensive historical mining activity. Previous mine searches had identified a risk from shallow and surface mining features. The purpose of the drilling investigation was to identify any features and establish their exact position on the ground. Several were revealed by the drilling. Interpretation by a mining geologist suggested the presence of a small stope, rock pillars and a shaft type feature extending to surface.

A remediation plan can now be implemented in order to render the site safe for development to continue.

30th June 2017


Carnon install meganewton pile at former Selwoods Garage site in Camborne for Kier Living

Wheal Jane EnterprisesIn recent weeks, Carnon have been installing piles ranging in compression loads from 225kN to 1000kN. The 250mm diameter piles are being installed using Odex drilling techniques to support a new residential development at North Roskear in Camborne. The complex geometry and depth of the vertical and inclined pile network has been necessary due to the proximity of mining features. The deepest pile installed was 30m, and a vacuum excavation system was deployed to keep dust and mining waste fill arisings to a minimum given the congested site and close proximity to residential properties.

On completion of the drilling, the pile reinforcement cages were installed, but given the lack of working space on site, it was necessary to fabricate the cages at Carnon Contracting’s yard at Wheal Jane near Truro and ship them to site as required. The piles were reinforced to full depth with cages and a 50mm diameter central bar to accommodate the tension load required. The cages were installed using an excavator to lower the 6m sections of reinforcement into the pile bore before being spliced and coupled to the next section.

19th May 2017


Successful second race weekend at Wheal Jane

Cycle race at Wheal JaneCornwall’s new, and only, closed cycle racing circuit provided the perfect backdrop for a fantastic day’s race last weekend. Blue skies and sunshine greeted the riders, and a soft warm breeze made racing conditions ideal.

The organisers were also pleased to see a number of ‘first timers’ involved. Some found out just how tough cycle racing can be, but others were surprised by their own stamina and pace.

The event was promoted and brilliantly organised by Penzance Wheelers who made best use of the wonderful weather, great facilities and challenging circuit. Top honours on the day went to Bike Chain Ricci’s Tom Nancarrow and Ross Holland. The Wheelers’ own Luke Pye picked up a third place, ensuring that the host club was not left out.

The next, and third, adult event in the series takes place at Wheal Jane on the 16th of July. Entries can now register via the One and All Cycling Club.

10th May 2017



Leicester geologists visit Wheal Jane to see our past and future

Leicester geologists at Wheal JaneOn a warm Cornish spring day last week, 26 Leicester University students enjoyed presentations and a chance to visit installations and mineral processing work taking place at Wheal Jane.

The visit, hosted by the Wheal Jane Group, included a talk on the history of the site, present operations and the ongoing ‘Masterplan’ for the site’s development and remediation. After taking a look at the shaft head, the group toured the Wardell Armstrong International pilot plant to see mineral grinding, milling, separation and floatation test work in action.

Daniel Smith, lecturer in Applied and Environmental Geology at Leicester University who led the group, commented; ‘On behalf of our group, I’d like to once again say a big thank you for hosting us at Wheal Jane. As ever, you gave us an excellent run through of the past, present and future of the site. Always a pleasure to visit, and we hope to return next year too.’

Bernard Ballard of the Wheal Jane Group added; ‘It is good for students to be able to see the Cornish minerals industry in action, especially these students studying geology. We hope it helps them in their current studies and their future careers.’

31st March 2017


New equipment opens new opportunities

Wheal Jane Ltd - new equipmentWheal Jane Ltd is proud to announce its latest investment of over £300,000 in machinery which will allow us to produce reclaimed aggregates. We have purchased a Powerscreen Warrior 1400x Screener and a Powerscreen Premiertrak 300 Jaw Crusher. Once the correct permissions have been sought and we are happy with the quality of the product created, we will be offering this to our customers for backloading to sites.

If any of our clients are interested in viewing our operation and seeing the products being produced, please let us know and we can arrange a visit.

The equipment is available for hire with an operator, so please get in touch for a price.

29th March 2017


Cornwall College plant science students visit Wheal Jane

Science studentsStudents from Cornwall College’s degree in Plant Science, taught at the Eden Project, visited Wheal Jane yesterday to learn about the masterplan for the site. The students study the principles behind restoring post-industrial landscapes as part of a module on soil science and plant nutrition, and the visit was a great opportunity to see remediation and restoration in action at Wheal Jane.

After a presentation by Bernard Ballard, Wheal Jane’s Planning and Marketing Director, the group toured the site, heading down the valley to the former Point Mills arsenic refinery and the Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Bissoe reserve. Dr Mark Nason, Director of Science for the Cornwall College Group said that ‘we spend a lot of time discussing Cornwall’s mining heritage, and the students are all really interested in the challenges and opportunities of post-industrial land. This was a great opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of Wheal Jane and future plans for the site – we’re very grateful to Wheal Jane for hosting us.’

29th March 2017


Cornwall College Newquay student visit

Visitor from Newquay

Wheal Jane’s appeal and interest to degree students has broadened further.

The first ever group of Marine Pollution and Ecotoxicity students from Cornwall College Newquay, led by lecturer Michelle Gurney, spent time on site on Friday.

The 3rd year degree group’s visit included a tour of the mine water treatment plant operated by Veolia Ltd and a presentation by ourselves covering the site’s post-mining development and remediation.

21st March 2017


Cornwall Mining Alliance Launch

Cornwall Mining Alliance steering group

The CMA steering group pause for a team photo

More than 80 attended the recent publicity launch of the Cornwall Mining Alliance (CMA) at the Camborne School of Mines.

The exceptional turn out consisted of both members and a number of non-members interested to find out more about the CMA.

Liam Palmer, technical manager in the Wheal Jane Laboratory, was impressed by both the progress of the CMA and the opportunity to network with fellow professionals;

‘From my point of view the excellent attendance was a clear indication of the interest in the concept of the CMA among businesses in the sector.  My overall impression was that there was a buzz of optimism for the CMA which made me confident that it would have a very positive impact on our business and the 60-plus other businesses which are already members.

‘I think the CMA could have a significant positive impact on the regional economy as it develops.’

Photo credit – Kathy Hicks

21st November 2016


Equinox 24 Sponsorship

Equinox 24













Our congratulations go to WO Jim Spencer (2nd from left) of the Submarine Service for completing the recent Equinox 24 hour running challenge at Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire.

The Wheal Jane Group was delighted to sponsor Jim and his running partner Damien (far right) and their team on this challenge, just one of a 12 event challenge which Damien has taken on in support of the Paul McCann Fund for Needy Children, a fund set up by the family and friends of Paul who lost his life at the age of just 32 in an accident aboard the submarine HMS Tireless in 2007.

Well done to Damien for completing no 6 of his 12 challenges, and to Jim for completing the challenge with him and the rather easier task of convincing us to support their worthy efforts.

26th September 2016


Another boost for the 3 Rs at Wheal Jane

Wheal Jane LtdFor a number of years, Wheal Jane has been recognised as a key facility in Cornwall for the deposit and reuse of construction and demolition material which would otherwise go to landfill.

Recent recycling equipment trials have enabled us to reprocess this material on site to provide various, more useful products, including stone and hardcore to improve our roadways, and topsoil for use in our reclamation and landscaping work.

Maintaining roadways on the site to a good standard becomes particularly important in winter time, ensuring that vehicles can move around the site easily and, most importantly, safely.

The trial has confirmed that a significant proportion of the material is suitable for recycling in this way and may provide further opportunities in due course.

Another step forward for Wheal Jane’s programme to ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’.

21st September 2016


New Christmas decoration now available

Christmas Pudding Tin Decoration













Since 2002, the South Crofty Collection has produced a new Christmas decoration each year and we have been delighted to launch 2016’s this week.  Each decoration is inspired by a traditional festive image and our latest is no exception – an intricately detailed Christmas pudding, complete with icing, holly leaves and berries on top.

Available for sale on our website, www.croftytin.co.uk, alongside all previous years’ decorations and, of course, our beautiful range of Cornish tin jewellery.

15th September 2016


Visit from Chile promotes trade links for the mining industry

An initiative set up by the UKTI and hosted by the Cornwall Mining Alliance (CMA) resulted in a visit to Wheal Jane by Viviana Daza, mining and minerals specialist from the British Embassy in Santiago, Chile.

The aim of Viviana’s visit to the UK and Cornwall in particular was to promote trade links within the mining sector.

The CMA was an obvious point on contact given the collective expertise in Cornwall being promoted through this new industry alliance.

Viviana met several CMA members, including Clifford Rice, director of Wheal Jane Laboratory, and was able to have a short tour of the laboratory itself.

The visit was a very useful opportunity to promote the expertise here, and a firm line of contact has been established which we hope will result in work from Chile, one of the few countries in the world we have not yet had work from.

25th August 2016


Truro Boscawen Rotary Visit #2

Truro Boscawen Rotary visit (group 2) 5.8.16













We were pleased to host the second group of visitors to the site on Friday 5th of August from the Truro Boscawen Rotary Club.

After a visual presentation on the site’s recent history and development, the group took a short tour, taking in the Wheal Jane Laboratory, the shaft head and the company’s extensive range of mine plans and records.

The group were also able to see some of the company’s collection of tin ingots which were salvaged from Cornish shipwrecks (including some currently under restoration), and examples of the tin produced at Wheal Jane which went into the 2012 London Olympic Games bronze medals, introduced by the director of the Wheal Jane Laboratory Clifford Rice.

17th August 2016


Man Engine comes to Wheal Jane

Man Engine comes to Wheal Jane

Photo by R McBride

A gathering of nearly 400 people enjoyed a unique performance by the Man Engine at Wheal Jane on Saturday. Halfway through its adventure through the county celebrating Cornwall’s mining heritage, this amazing engineering creation travelled from Truro to Wheal Jane for its last performance of the week and a well-earned rest day.

Beautiful weather and a magnificent sunset provided the perfect backdrop for the introduction and rising of the giant Man Engine from where he gazed across the Carnon Valley towards Mount Wellington and the great Consolidated and United mines areas beyond.

Catering provided by the Victoria Inn at Threemilestone completed what everyone agreed was a hugely successful and enjoyable evening.

Suitably rested, the Man Engine made his way from Wheal Jane on Monday to St Agnes and then Camborne, and on to numerous other mining locations, heading ultimately to his journey’s end at Geevor next weekend.

Our congratulations go to Will Coleman and all his team for creating a great symbol of Cornwall’s mining heritage. Wheal Jane were delighted to be able to provide one of the locations on its great journey.

4th August 2016


Dog rescued from nearby mineshaft

A local resident’s dog had a lucky escape yesterday. Missing for more than 48 hours, it was eventually found and rescued by the fire service from a shallow mineshaft a short distance outside the Wheal Jane site boundary. To read the whole story and see a short video clip of the rescue, click here.

To be sure there are no such risks on the Wheal Jane site, all known shafts are fitted with cage-style caps to ensure they remain safe and secure. These prevent accidental access, but being popular habitats for birds and bats, still allow uninterrupted access to these popular roosting places.

If anyone has concerns regarding an existing or possible void, shaft or mysterious depression on their land, the Wheal Jane Group can help with its ‘one-stop-shop’ service.

The companies within the Group can research historical mining activity in the area using our huge private collection of mining plans and records. If a potential problem is identified, we can also carry out a site investigation and, if necessary, rectify the problem using a number of proven methods. For more information, click here.

3rd August 2016


Successful open day for Woodturners

This year’s annual open day of the Cornwall Association of Woodturners took place in glorious sunshine at Wheal Jane last weekend.

The organisers were delighted with the level of support and attendance on the day which resulted in four new members joining the club, including two ladies, and almost £700 being raised for the Association’s chosen charity Children’s Hospice South West.

When the CWA found themselves without suitable accommodation, a perfect solution was found at Wheal Jane. In return for a peppercorn rent, the CWA agreed to refurbish an unused shed using their woodworking skills! The Association has held weekly sessions at Wheal Jane ever since, in addition to a series of successful open days.

Visitors to last weekend’s event were also interested to know more about the Wheal Jane site and the businesses and developments taking place here.

For more information about the Wheal Jane Earth Science Park past, present and future, click here to visit our web site.

2nd August 2016


Trevithick Society at Wheal Jane

The first of two groups of Trevithick Society members visited Wheal Jane last week. All were surprised by the level of activity on site and the wide range of businesses and processes taking place.

After a presentation on the history and development of the site, particularly over the past eighteen years since all mining and minerals processing on site ceased, the group were able to view various aspects of the operations on site. The tour took in the Wheal Jane Laboratory where mining samples from all over the world are analysed, the shaft head where water treatment pumping continues, and the company’s unique mine plan archive.

Also on display were the company’s collection of tin mining-related artefacts and examples of the South Crofty Collection of tin jewellery and giftware, all handcrafted on site.

7th July 2016


Cornwall Mining Alliance website goes live

CMA logo

We are delighted to be one of over fifty companies which have already signed up to membership of the Cornwall Mining Alliance and to be part of the steering group which has brought this project into being. We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who has supported and helped with the project.

The CMA is a portal which services the mining and minerals industry by connecting Cornwall’s unique concentration of experts in this sector and providing the right people for the job.

If you would like to find out more about what the CMA can do and how it can help with your next project, please get in touch via the CMA website at www.cornwallminingalliance.org, or email at hello@cornwallminingalliance.org.

3rd June 2016


Wheal Jane’s contract for Wave Hub Project

Wave Hub workOne of the more unusual sights here at Wheal Jane in recent weeks has been the result of a contract carried out by Carnon Contracting to assemble giant dumpy bags of stone (pictured). The bags will be lowered onto the seabed to anchor cables in place as part of the Wave Hub Project. Over 400 such bags have been prepared at Wheal Jane and transported to the site in Hayle over the past few weeks.

3rd June 2016


Wheal Jane’s battle with Mother Nature


The arrival of Wheal Jane Ltd’s new tractor and trailer could not have been better timed.

The extraordinary rain over the past few weeks has made the movement and placement of material a real challenge. A new, more powerful tractor with a 14 tonne dump trailer (pictured) will enable activity to continue almost regardless of weather and ground conditions, including the constant improvement of roadway surfaces around the site.

The new plant will be a valuable addition to the site’s fleet and is likely to be fully employed until spring brings (hopefully) some respite from the rain.

15th February 2016


South Crofty Collection News


Chunky Cornish Tin CufflinksThe South Crofty Collection is enjoying a buoyant start to the year, and a recently launched Valentine’s Day promotion has generated a lot of business. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we are hoping for similar success!

Our workshop is undergoing something of a makeover, and we are aiming to make it an even more efficient work space in time for the busy summer months. We have recently introduced a new design in our cufflinks range which is already proving popular, and we will be introducing more contemporary items throughout the year.

12th February 2016


The South Crofty Collection is attending Truro’s Made In Cornwall Christmas Fair

Cornish Tin Charm BraceletRunning from Wednesday 25th to Sunday 29th of November, the Made In Cornwall Christmas Fair on Lemon Quay in Truro is a wonderful festive event, showcasing the very best arts and crafts produced in the county. We at the South Crofty Collection will be there with our traditional tin jewellery, as well as lots of new designs and, of course, this year’s Christmas decoration. Please call in to see us and also take advantage of the opportunity to do all your Christmas shopping under one roof!

24th November 2015


Success for Wheal Jane-sponsored Bowls squad

Disability Bowls EnglandThe England squad (pictured in New Zealand) returned home with one gold, three silver and four bronze medals, and a total points tally which took them to 3rd place in the World Cup rankings just behind South Africa and New Zealand.

Wheal Jane was pleased to have assisted with the cost of jackets, pens and badges for what was clearly a very successful trip for the squad.

11th November 2015


New Addition to Wheal Jane Earth Science Park Family

To meet the high standards of connectivity and communications required by Earth Science Park tenants at Wheal Jane, a superfast broadband link was installed in 2013 by Microcomms Professional Services.  The company liked the site so much that they have now relocated their business to Wheal Jane where they are able to provide IT and communications services to clients on and off site.  The company’s move to Wheal Jane coincided with the visit by HRH The Duke of Kent who took the opportunity to meet directors of the company just days after their moving in.

23rd October 2015


Manchester Comes To Wheal Jane

University of Manchester students

The interest in Wheal Jane to university students has been further extended with a visit by a group of architecture students from Manchester University.

A recommendation from Exeter University’s Environmental and Sustainability Institute, whose students visit Wheal Jane every year, led to this first visit by students from Manchester and the first from a group studying architecture.

The students, on a field trip looking at the effects of mining on the architecture of Cornwall, were, after a presentation and tour, able to appreciate how the legacy of mining on the site is being transformed to provide economic benefit and job creation as well as restoration, remediation and a sustainable future for the site.

23rd October 2015


Royal visit to Wheal Jane

Wheal Jane Royal Visit

HRH the Duke of Kent shakes hands with Wheal Jane Group Chairman David Giddings

Our latest Earth Science Park project received the Royal seal of approval last week. HRH the Duke of Kent spent over an hour touring newly completed workspace occupied by various companies.

The Duke was surprised by the diversity and scope of work taking place on site. During his tour, HRH was able to see archive mine plans dating back to the 1700s, rare mineral specimens mined at Wheal Jane, and ingots of Cornish tin salvaged from shipwrecks which were being restored after over a century on the sea bed.

In the Wheal Jane Laboratory, the Duke was introduced to advanced analytical techniques use to provide minerals analysis for projects worldwide and, in Wardell Armstrong’s pilot plant facility, aspects of a European minerals research project.

The visit was concluded with HRH unveiling a plaque to mark the occasion and being presented with a limited edition set of tin coins by staff in our jewellery production workshop.

Click on the images for a larger view.

HRH visits the Wheal Jane Laboratory

Clifford Rice introduces HRH to the work of the Wheal Jane Laboratory

HRH visits the Wardell Armstrong pilot plant

HRH visits the Wardell Armstrong pilot plant

Wheal Jane Royal Visit

The Duke sees molten Cornish tin being used in our jewellery production workshop.








1st October 2015


County Cycling facility plan for Wheal Jane

One and All Cycling logoThe One and All Cycling Academy at Bissoe have secured the support of the South West regional British Cycling Board for a joint project to help create a challenging and exciting cycle race circuit at Wheal Jane.

We have agreed to tarmac sections of roadway on the site to create a complete circuit of some 1.5km and accommodate welfare and storage facilities for use during training and Cornish Series races.

The venture will see the club contributing £10,000 from various fundraising efforts towards the total cost of circa £40,000 for the road surfacing work. The balance will be met by the Wheal Jane Group.

The site, which is being developed as an Earth Science-based business park, is a unique venue for cycling in many ways and will include a number of tight bends, slopes and obstacles.

We feel this is an excellent way to provide a much needed long-term, county-wide facility which supports Cornish sport and the local community in a safe but challenging environment with excellent facilities.

Wheal Jane have committed to completing the surfacing work during 2015 so that the circuit can be available for the 2016 season.

This innovative joint venture will also help raise the profile of the Cycling Academy and the opportunities it offers. Watch this space for further news of its progress.

Rod James, Chair of One and All Cycling, said, “This is a fantastic opportunity for Youth Cycling in Cornwall. Youth riders are unable to race on the road and the nearest closed circuit is In Torbay or Ilton Somerset! Wheal Jane have already been very supportive in allowing us to use the incomplete circuit for training. This new phase is a tremendous opportunity to offer training and racing to all of Cornwall’s youth who wish to take part in the exciting, growing sport of cycle racing. This will allow us to dream of achieving the aim of over representation of Cornish riders in the 2020 Olympics.”

30th June 2015


Wild Wheal Jane

ButterflyRecent surveys at Wheal Jane by the Cornwall Butterfly and Moth Society have provided some startling results, and support the conclusion that the site is benefitting from a combination of natural regeneration and sensitive management.


A night survey in mid April identified 24 species of moth including an unexpected dark form of the beautiful Yellow Underwing.

A further evening survey during early May, normally a quiet time for moths, identified over 50 species in a single day.

During the past couple of weeks, more excellent results have logged 16 species of butterflies and moths including a stunning male Green Hairstreak (pictured) and examples of the Orange Tip which appears to be common at Wheal Jane.

10th June 2015


Sponsorship of Truro City Swimming Club continues

Truro Swimming ClubWe are delighted to confirm that our sponsorship of Truro City Swimming Club is set to continue for the next three years.

With every club swim bag sporting the Wheal Jane Group logo, members have already taken Wheal Jane to national meets and galas across the country including London, Sheffield and Jersey and an international gala in Germany, as well as regional championships throughout the southwest… not to mention every training session!

During the time that Wheal Jane has sponsored TCSC, the club has thrived and enjoys a full membership and a long waiting list. Under the guidance of level four head coach Emily Dart, the club has celebrated a year of fantastic achievements.  They retained the Ellis Trophy as top Cornwall County Club, and this year took their largest swim squad to the youth and age group Regional Championships where more finals were reached and three Regional Champions were crowned.

This summer the club is delighted to be taking four national qualifiers to the British and English Championships.

It’s great to see a club like this full of happy and enthusiastic sporting youngsters all striving to reach their individual goals and working together as a team. One young club member said, “I think it’s really cool that a Cornish Company like Wheal Jane want to sponsor us and I love their logo on my bag ”

9th June 2015


Third Age meets New Era

P1030519 small“Former professionals and their associates from across Devon and Cornwall who once served in the property management of the former English China Clays Group of Companies meet twice a year under the banner of TALC – The Third Age Luncheon Club.

Whenever possible we like to add something of interest to our day together. 

On 15th May 2015 we visited Wheal Jane and enjoyed a presentation by Bernard Ballard which included the history of the mine, the remedial work that followed its closure and the interesting development of the site to provide a cluster of specialist Earth Science businesses based on skills associated with miners generally.  We were also very interested in the special work that was being devoted to nature conservation and relations with the community.

After the meeting we all adjourned for lunch at the Victoria Inn in Threemilestone!”

Whilst on site, members of the group took the opportunity to visit the main shaft head where the Mine Water Treatment Plant pumping begins, as well as the Wheal Jane Analytical Laboratory and other recently developed facilities, all part of a new era for the former mine site.

8th June 2015


Nick Talbott prints discovered at Wheal Jane

Nick Talbott prints

During a reorganisation of our mining archives, we have discovered several prints by the late Nick Talbott, a former mine surveyor and draughtsman for South Crofty Mine, stashed away here at Wheal Jane.

Nick Talbott was an excellent illustrator who was interested in all things Cornish. His work is well known locally for its accurate and highly detailed representations of mine shafts and engine houses.

The three prints (from original watercolours) found here at Wheal Jane are entitled ‘Boscawen Incline’ featuring the Crowns at Botallack Mine, ‘Robinson’s Shaft’ featuring the headframe and engine house now the centrepiece at Heartlands in Redruth, and ‘Indian Summer’ featuring the Cornishman steam train with Carn Brea in the background.

These prints can be bought from our offices for £10 (set of three £25). They are printed on sturdy card measuring 45cm x 32cm, and are ready to be framed.

13th May 2015


Taiwan interest in Wheal Jane development

Taiwan visitors

Representatives of the Taiwan Smart Grid Industry Association (TSGIA) and Taiwan-based multinational company Tatung made a further visit to the Wheal Jane site this week, reflecting their continued interest in the development of the site as an earth science park, and in particular the renewable energy opportunities which would help create a unique example of the sustainable development of a site such as Wheal Jane, at the same time presenting interesting challenges and opportunities in relation to the creation and management of green energy systems.

Whilst in Cornwall, the group have visited other potential projects of interest, facilitated by the Cornwall Development Company section of Cornwall Council as part of an exercise to develop commercial links with Cornwall.

Pictured are Chen Yenhaw of the Taiwan Smart Grid Industry Association, Lu Su-Ying of the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, I. P. Chen of Tatung Co, David Giddings, chairman of the Wheal Jane Group, and Bernard Ballard, Wheal Jane’s Marketing and Planning Director.

8th May 2015


St Michael’s Mount

Congratulations to St Michael’s Mount on their wonderful new website and its images of this fascinating place to visit in Cornwall, and where Wheal Jane Ltd continues to service one of the Mount’s most unique features.

Built in 1912, the Mount has its own 200m long inclined, funicular type freight railway system which Wheal Jane Ltd has been servicing and maintaining for many years using the company’s mining skills acquired from operating the last Cornish tin mines.

The hoist system, which runs in a tunnel under the garden, is used to transport goods from the quay up to the house. Originally steam powered, it was converted to electricity in the 1920s.

Wheal Jane is delighted to be engaged in supporting this unique Cornish gem.

7th May 2015


Wheal Jane Group to attend Cornwall Business Fair 2015

Cornwall_Bus_Fair_logo_smallWe are pleased to be attending the Cornwall Business Fair on May 13th, taking place at the Eden Project. As always, this prestigious event gives Cornish businesses a chance to come together and strengthen their relationships, as well as forge new ones. With thousands of visitors expected to attend, the Fair is one of the biggest events on the Cornish business calendar. We hope to catch up with our regular clients and associates, but also to meet with new clients whom we hope will join us in our future projects.

If you want to learn more about our businesses, or if you simply want to find out what we have been doing recently, feel free to come up and see us.

1st May 2015


Wheal Jane Consultancy reaches new milestone

Our property and environmental business Wheal Jane Consultancy has, this week, reached a new milestone by completing its 30,000th documentary mining search.

Mining searches are an essential part of the property and land conveyancing process due to the extensive, and often unrecorded, mine workings in many parts of Cornwall and Devon.

The shafts and workings are a legacy of the days when the two counties provided much of the world’s tin, copper and other minerals, particularly during the Industrial Revolution period.

23rd February 2015


Historic ingots to go on display at Wheal Jane

Cornish tin ingotDespite many changes of management and location, the Wheal Jane Group is pleased to have been able to preserve an interesting collection of metal ingots, most of them historic but also one or two modern, and it is hoped that at some time in the near future this collection will be on display in the Company’s new reception area at Wheal Jane. The ingots include various 28lb and 56lb tin ingots recovered from wrecks around our coasts, including the SS Liverpool which sank in 1863, the Carn Brea Castle which sank in 1829, and the ingot pictured which was salvaged from the wreck of the SS Cheerful which sank off St Ives in 1885.

The sinking was the result of a collision with HMS Hecla eighteen miles N/NW of St Ives on July 20th of that year. Ingots salvaged from the wreck can be identified from their hotmarks stamped into them during the final pouring at the smelting works, and among the ingots recovered are examples from various Cornish smelting works. The example pictured, which interestingly was particularly encrusted with sea life but which has cleaned up beautifully, originates from L.C. Daubuz Smelting Works at Carvedras in Truro which was sited underneath the railway viaduct arches and is still industrial workshops today. The hotmarks are particularly clear on this fine example of a 28lb ingot of the period.

The Wheal Jane Group’s collection also consists of a single copper battery plate salvaged from the wreck of the Carn Brea Castle which sank in 1829, and a small 400g tin ingot produced and refined entirely at Wheal Jane during 2012 which formed part of a batch of tin provided for incorporation into the Olympic bronze medals for the 2012 London Games.

4th February 2015


Wheal Jane continues charity and community support into 2015

Charity logosWhilst our support for various local organisations and clubs has continued through 2014, we are delighted to have added Little Harbour Children’s Hospice South West to the list, and to be supporting this organisation for the first time during 2015. We watch and constantly admire the amazing work the staff at Little Harbour do in “making the most of short and precious lives across the South West”, to use their own words. We are very pleased to be making our own contribution to their fundraising efforts.

Meantime, the One And All Youth Cycling Academy have now been using the Wheal Jane site for over four years. The club has run, on average, 45 sessions a year on the site during which over 100 young people have benefitted from the traffic-free area to practise as beginners or develop cycle racing skills. In four years of using the site, the club has clocked up 7,200 hours of individual cycle training, ensuring that our youngsters can enjoy safe cycling on our roads, and hopefully breeding Cornwall’s own future Olympic hopefuls.

Our support for Carn Brea Storm Netball Club has continued, and it is wonderful to see the club continue to grow from strength to strength under coach David White, BBC Radio Cornwall. The full report on their progress this season will follow soon.

With the days already lengthening, we are all looking forward to the arrival of spring and the first full season for our link up with the Cornwall Butterfly and Moth Society, and we look forward to working with them in their efforts to protect and enhance the wildlife habitat here at Wheal Jane. We are also grateful to members of the Society for providing wildlife photography which we have incorporated into the Wheal Jane Group’s calendar for 2015.

2nd February 2015


New vehicles join the Wheal Jane fleet

Wheal Jane Ltd Plant

Wheal Jane Ltd’s investment in plant has continued, the most recent of our arrival being a new 21 tonne swing shovel (pictured) which is the workhorse of the company’s plant fleet and used for a variety of works around the site relating to the reprofiling and rehabilitation of the tailings dam slopes and other areas of the site. Pictured with the swing shovel is the new Wheal Jane road maintenance vehicle which is a combination of road sweeper, jet washer and sump sucker, which will be hard at work keeping the roadways and accessways into the site clean, tidy and dust free.

30th January 2015


Wood sculpture donated to Little Harbour Children’s Hospice SW

Wood sculptureBeing far more accustomed to seeing metal structures of all shapes and sizes at Wheal Jane, the appearance of this striking wood sculpture was an interesting distraction.  The sculpture was the highlight of a day of woodturning and wood sculpture demonstrations by the Cornwall Association of Woodturners (CAW) hosted at Wheal Jane.  The sculpture was created by a professional chainsaw carver, Stuart Eccleston, from Gloucester who was a guest of the CAW on the day.  The sculpture is in the form of a chair with a giant oak leaf back and an acorn beneath for the seat.  The sculpture was created from a 2.4 metre tall sweet chestnut tree trunk purchased by the Woodturners from Camborne.  After a few days at Wheal Jane the sculpture was transported to the Children’s Hospice Centre at Little Harbour near St Austell to whom it was donated by the Cornwall Association of Woodturners and where it now resides in the children’s play garden.


26th January 2015

Wheal Jane Group directors attend Mines and Money conference

Mines and MoneyWheal Jane Group directors Mark Giddings, Bernard Ballard and Clifford Rice (pictured) are currently attending the Mines and Money London 2014 conference to engage in business matching and networking with the many mining company representatives, investment leaders and fund managers in attendance. Through this, Wheal Jane Group hopes to secure further prominent contacts within the mining industry and expand our own business scope by working with them on exciting new projects in the future.


Mines and Money is one of the biggest mining investment exhibitions in Europe, lasting five days, and offers countless opportunities for those working in the mining and minerals industry to connect with others in their field and forge new business relationships.

1st December 2014


South Crofty Collection to attend Royal Cornwall Show

The South Crofty Collection will be attending the Royal Cornwall Show from 5th to 7th June. This show is always an important event in the South Crofty Collection’s calendar, and last year we achieved records sales and benefitted from the fantastic hot and sunny weather. This year, we have been fortunate to obtain a much sought after position in one of the craft marquees which should make us easier to find – and much less vulnerable if it rains!

28th May 2014


Crusher house disappears

Crusher house demolition

Another milestone in the rehabilitation of the Wheal Jane site has been completed. The former crusher house which stood alone roughly midway between the headworks area and the site of the former processing plant has been demolished. This very substantial and dominant structure was in poor condition, and its demolition has removed the last significant derelict structure on the site.

The area created by the project will be used for the time being as open storage by our tenants Fugro Seacore. Longer term, the area is designated within the Wheal Jane Masterplan for the development of up to 6,000m2 of new employment space for earth science-related businesses.

16th May 2014


International visitors to Wheal Jane

Taiwan visitors

The wide-ranging interest in the Wheal Jane site and its ongoing development has continued into 2014. During the past four months alone, ten groups have visited Wheal Jane, including six groups of college and university students and four local interest groups.

This week we welcomed representatives of the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (pictured) who are investigating possible collaborative projects with Falmouth University in the field of smart technology. Chen Yenhaw and Lu Su-Ying are pictured beside the Wheal Jane Laboratory’s Inductive Coupled Plasma analyser during their visit.

16th May 2014


Cornish tin wedding rings now on sale!

Cornish Tin Wedding RingsAt last, the long-awaited range of wedding rings made from precious metal and South Crofty tin are available to order online. These beautiful rings have been handcrafted by Richards Stevens, owner of Canary Blue Jewellers in Truro, exclusively for the South Crofty Collection. Available in yellow gold, rose gold or silver, either 4mm or 6mm wide, each ring incorporates a seam of South Crofty tin to create a unique and stunning effect. A wonderful way to keep a little piece of Cornish heritage with you every day!

16th May 2014


Engineering students present hydroelectricity assessment to Wheal Jane

The engineering student group from Exeter Univeristy at Tremough who we reported on in February have now completed their assessment of the opportunity for a hydroelectric generation scheme at Wheal Jane. Members of the Wheal Jane board attended a presentation at Tremough last month at which the students presented their findings. The presentation was both impressive and very comprehensive, including an assessment of legal, planning and financial aspects of the project.

The company is looking forward to refining the proposals along with the University and the student team and taking the project forward in the near future. During the course of the project, the group have become good friends of Wheal Jane, and we hope that contact will be maintained as they go their separate ways following completion of their engineering courses to various parts of the UK and overseas. All at Wheal Jane wish them well, thank them for their efforts and look forward to keeping in touch in the future.

16th May 2014 


South Crofty Collection to attend Devon County Show

Pasty lapel pinThe South Crofty Collection is delighted to be attending the Devon County Show this year from May 22nd to 24th. It is the first time we have been involved in a show outside of Cornwall. It will be interesting to see how much attention a Cornish product attracts over the border, but with our more contemporary and stylish designs on display we are confident the event will be a success.

To find out more about the show, please click here. To see our range of Cornish tin jewellery and giftware, please visit our website.

15th May 2014


Storm coach goes nationwide

Carn Brea StormThe brilliant reputation of Carn Brea Storm netball team, sponsored by Wheal Jane Group, has taken another exciting new turn.

The club’s coach David White was invited by England Netball to join the South West Regional Academy coaching team who were representing England at the Netball Europe U15 Invitational Championships in Worcester last week.

With David’s help the squad achieved some outstanding results winning both of their games. They beat Scotland 77-17 and Switzerland 74-7.

David works with the players as part of the Team Bath Futures squad, of which he is Assistant Coach. The Futures squad, which is a pathway into the Team Bath Superleague squad, trains at the University of Bath, and David makes the regular drive up the M5 to help coach the players.

David is already putting the local Storm teams through new training exercises brought back from the experience!

28th March 2014


Wheal Jane hosts Truro College student field trip

A group of some thirty Truro and Penwith College A-level students recently enjoyed a visit to Wheal Jane where they were able to hear first-hand details of the activities and work taking place at the former mine site. The visit included presentations by the operators of the site of the Wheal Jane Group, and the company which operates the water treatment plant on behalf of the Coal Authority, Veolia Ltd. A number of the students are aiming for a career in geological sciences, and many aspects of the site are of interest to them, including the mine water treatment plant and the remediation and development of the site. Organiser of the trip, Leslie Allen, commented, “We study OCR A-level Geology, and Wheal Jane is actually in the textbook as a case study for acid mine water treatment and remediation, so this visit was perfect!”

A group of students studying for a Master Degree in Surveying and Land Management also visited the site this week, demonstrating the broad spectrum of topics and subjects for which the site holds great interest for students looking to develop careers in the field of earth sciences.

25th March 2014


High-speed Broadband brings benefits to site

The installation of a high speed, dedicated Broadband line to Wheal Jane during the autumn of 2013 has already brought substantial benefits to companies operating from the site.

The facility puts companies based at Wheal Jane at the very top of the connectivity league table. The system has been designed in order to accommodate the expansion of the Earth Science Park to ensure that all companies joining the cluster at Wheal Jane are able to benefit from the highest standards of IT and communications.

The company is also exploring other opportunities which the facility could provide in terms of data storage and processing.

The installation of the broadband was part funded through the EU convergence programme and completes another key objective of the ongoing development of the site.

18th March 2014


Engineering students tackle renewable energy scheme at Wheal Jane

After a very polished presentation to Directors of the Wheal Jane Group, five 4th year Engineering students from Exeter University based at the Tremough campus will spend the next three months working up a hydroelectricity generating project for the Wheal Jane site.

The project already has planning consent as part of the Wheal Jane Development Masterplan, and is one of five potential renewable energy projects identified within the plan. A commercial scale solar PV array is already operating on the site.

The project will involve dealing with all aspects of the project, from its initial feasibility and detailed design through to its funding and financial implications, in order to produce a full business plan for the implementation of the scheme.

The project provides a unique local opportunity for the students to be involved in an exciting live project from its conception to its completion. The group will have full access to the site and the location for the project, and will be working closely with various Wheal Jane Group staff during the course of the project.

Course lecturer Justin Hinshelwood commented, “This collaboration between the students and local business is just the kind of project the students need to develop their skills and gain experience… the group are all looking forward to working with Wheal Jane and contributing to the company’s ambitious plans for the site”.

12th March 2014


Latest news from Wheal Jane Ltd

Spring is here, so we are told, but everything is still wet. This winter has really tested our ability to keep the lorries which bring material in for recovery moving around the site. Despite this we are still open for business, unlike some others. Hopefully the worst of the weather is behind us, so when we dry up we can start to repair the worn roadways with our recycled crushed concrete.

It’s all change for us, as our weighbridge operator Jim has retired as of the end of February. However, he has kindly agreed to work part time temporarily to train our new weighbridge operator Darryl, whom we would like to welcome to the Wheal Jane Team.

7th March 2014


South Crofty Collection tin wedding rings in production

Cornish Tin Wedding Rings

The South Crofty Collection has some exciting news! We have been working closely with the super-talented Richard at Canary Blue Jewellers in Truro to produce wedding rings incorporating South Crofty tin. Still a little fine tuning to do, but the picture to the left shows the fantastic quality of Richard’s work. Hoping to launch in the next few weeks. Watch this space!


5th March 2014


Baldhu Office Project enters second phase

Progress on the Baldhu office development at the entrance to Wheal Jane for our tenants Wardell Armstrong International finally got underway during 2013. The first part of the development, the construction of the new office block, was completed in November and handed over to Wardell Armstrong who then moved from the original office building next door to the new accomodation. Work on the second part of the development is now well underway, with the old building being completely reclad and refurbished in the same style as the new. This will be handed back to Wardell Armstrong in due course, at which point the company will occupy both buildings which will be accessible via a new atrium link between them.

This EU Convergence Fund supported project has enabled the first major step towards the further establishment of the Earth Science Park at Wheal Jane, and created a stunning modern entry point to the Wheal Jane site. Work on other projects in other parts of the site are expected to begin during 2014, providing opportunities for companies within the earth sciences and associated fields of activity to join the Wheal Jane family. Companies interested should contact us either via our website, www.wheal-jane.co.uk, or by telephone on 01872 560200.

20th February 2014


Wheal Jane soldiers on through bad weather

Efforts made during 2013 to ensure that the site operations are not affected by adverse weather have been thoroughly tested during the extraordinary weather we have experienced over the past month or so.  Despite exceptional rainfall, work on surface water management and the consolidation of road and track surfaces has proved invaluable in keeping the site fully operational at a time when other similar sites have been unable to continue operating.  Much of the improvement to vehicular surfaces has been achieved by reclaiming and recycling material already on site.  This is a good example of another factor contributing to the Company’s environmental improvements and continuing efforts to operate in a sustainable way.

4th February 2014


Wheal Jane donates defibrillator to charity

Defib handover

For several years now, the Wheal Jane Group has in case of need held a defibrillator on site and trained members of staff in its use in the case of an emergency. Having upgraded the machine this year, we are pleased to have donated the old machine to a charity called CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) who are raising funds for the purchase of defibrillators for use in sports venues around the country. We are delighted to hear that ours will be placed in a cricket club in Bristol.

The defibrillator was handed over to Martin Yarde from the charity (on the right of the picture) by Wheal Jane Director of Site Operations Darren Evans last week.

19th December 2013

Wheal Jane hands over new build office block

The development of the Wheal Jane site with the assistance of Convergence Grant Funding has reached a further major milestone with the handing over of the new office building at the mine entrance to tenants Wardell Armstrong International. This is one of a number of ERDF funded projects in Cornwall. Click the link below to view the Western Morning News’s latest feature article on these developments.


9th December 2013


South Crofty Collection to attend Wadebridge Christmas Fair

We enjoyed a very successful day at the Made in Cornwall Christmas Fair last week, and it was lovely to catch up with many of our loyal customers who come to us every year for their Christmas shopping. We were pleased to have some new designs to show off too!

The next event in the calendar is the Christmas Fair being held in the Pavillion at the Royal Cornwall Showground in Wadebridge on 14th/15th December. This promises to be a really lovely festive weekend, and lots of other well known names will be there too, including Cornish Sea Salt, Hogsbottom Preserves, Helford Creek, Hugo’s Breakfast, B Skincare and, of course, Kernow Chocolate who are organising the event. Indoors with free parking! See you there!

3rd December 2013

Latest news from Wheal Jane Ltd

Wheal Jane Ltd has gained a further contract to maintain the vegetation on the Kernow Solar Farm near Newquay Airport as well as the Wheal Jane Solar Farm, thanks to the ongoing partnership between us and our sister company Wheal Jane Enterprises and SolarCentury for both the construction and maintenance of some of the largest solar projects in the UK.

Restoration of the tailing dam at Wheal Jane in progressing well, with Kemp Engineering setting out the phase one slope for us. Unfortunately, the weather has turned against us a bit, but we will be making good headway again come spring.

The recent Mine Closure event which took place here at Wheal Jane produced some very positive feedback. Many thanks to everyone who attended, and we hope to hold a similar event in future to show how we continue to improve and develop the site.

27th November 2013

Wheal Jane Project Approaches Milestone

 Baldhu Office Press Release Photo

The first EU Convergence Grant funded project at Wheal Jane is approaching a key milestone.

The construction of a new office block for tenants Wardell Armstrong International (WAI) is due for completion and handover to them in mid November. WAI will transfer from the existing accommodation next door into the new block whilst their current accommodation is upgraded and reclad.

Completion of the refurbishment is scheduled for spring 2014 at which time WAI will take occupation of both blocks which will be linked by a new entrance lobby. For details of the Wheal Jane Masterplan and the future vision for Wheal Jane, visit our website at www.whealjanemasterplan.co.uk.

6th November 2013


8th International Mine Closure Conference

More than 80 delegates attending the 8th International Mine Closure Conference in St Austell, and invited guests braved wind and liquid Cornish sunshine on a visit to Wheal Jane last week.

The trip to Wheal Jane, one of three field trips organised in conjunction with the Conference, gave visitors an opportunity to tour various facilities and businesses operating on the site.  The event was hosted by the Wheal Jane Group and supported by companies operating on site including Wardell Armstrong International, SGS Minerals, Veolia Ltd and the Coal Authority.

Highlights of the day included a tour of the site in a Land Rover, viewings of a 1971 documentary charting the development of the site, tours of the various laboratory facilities and a chance to see historic mining plans in the Wheal Jane Consultancy archive.

The following are a few of the comments received from delegates following the event;

“We have heard nothing but praise about your day yesterday, sounds like you put on a belter even with the weather,” Eden Project

“It was a very informative and enjoyable day despite the British weather,” AF, Australia

“Thanks for hosting such a good field trip last Tuesday. I was very heartened to see that the site is being used by a variety of different businesses and projects,” DR, Wales

“Many thanks for your hospitality and the impressive show you put on. I hope your project continues to develop and all those plans come together,” BB, Australia

“I enjoyed the Field Trip very much, even managed to get two visits to the Tailings Dam,” AB, Sweden

It’s such an inspiration to see how hard work and perseverence can produce such remarkable outcomes,” MH, Liskeard


Student interest in Wheal Jane rockets

During the past 12 months alone 8 groups totalling more than 150 students have visited the site from Exeter University and Camborne School of Mines, Truro and Penwith College, Cornwall College, Falmouth Marine School and even 10 year old future renewable energy professionals from Threemilestone School. Courses being studied by visiting groups have included Environmental Resource management, Forensic science, Renewable Energy and Land Management and Law.


Review of planning conditions completed

Wheal Jane Ltd in consultation with Cornwall Council has completed a major review of the planning conditions for the whole Wheal Jane site. The new conditions cover all aspects of the sites operation and future development and set the long term objectives and controls which will secure the sites development and rehabilitation.

The original conditions put in place in 2001 had become outdated, were in some cases no longer relevant and lacked detail. The company employed consultants to draw up comprehensive and detailed plans for the submission which has been approved by Cornwall Council.


South West’s first solar farm operational

Over 5,600 solar panels transform old tin mine to generate electricity for 400 homes

The South West’s first solar farm has been connected to the grid in Cornwall by UK-based solar developer Lightsource Renewable Energy. On the site of a disused tin mine, the 1.4 MW farm is the biggest in the UK to date. Covering a 7.2acre plot at Wheal Jane, Truro, it is the first of many renewable energy projects planned at the reclaimed mine. The farm’s 5,680 solar panels will generate 1,437 MWh of electricity a year, enough to power the equivalent of 430 homes in the area and save over 737 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year. Lightsource Renewable Energy has a number of additional sites being built across the UK, due to be connected by the end of the month.

Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd. worked with Solarcentury, the UK’s most experienced solar energy company, to deliver the solar farm; the project is funded by Octopus Investments.

Conor McGuigan, Head of Planning, Lightsource Renewable Energy said: “It’s fantastic to see our first solar farm in the South West operational. It’s been a race against the clock to get it connected to the grid by the end of the month. Cornwall Council, Western Power Distribution, Wheal Jane Group, 35 Degrees, Solarcentury and the local suppliers have all played a significant role in making this happen. While it’s been disappointing that the Government has decided not to support the large scale solar sector going forward, the solar farms developed this summer will play a critical role in the supply of green energy in the UK. We look forward to helping building owners develop solar projects from this point.”

Derry Newman, CEO, Solarcentury added: “To see a tin mine diversify into producing 21st Century clean solar energy, provides an optimistic glimpse of where we’re now heading for our energy production. Wheal Jane’s solar farm demonstrates that solar technology can contribute to our clean energy future, and quickly.  Solarcentury designed and constructed this site, powering over 400 homes, in less than two months.  Solar is not to be underestimated; it is the fastest growing energy technology in the world, simply because it is clean, reliable and a readily available alternative to fossil fuels.”

South West's first solar park

Cornwall’s first operational solar park

Julian German, Cornwall Council cabinet member for the Environment, said: “It’s great to see the UK’s biggest solar farm opening in Cornwall where we are well placed to take advantage of the significant potential of solar power. Wheal Jane solar farm demonstrates how these developments have been sensitively sited, maintaining the balance of our need for clean energy and maintaining our landscape. Despite the Government’s change in policy on Feed-in tariffs, we are determined to ensure that solar energy brings great benefits to businesses and communities throughout Cornwall. Those with roof space for solar should see it as not only as helping to contribute to our clean energy future but a rewarding investment.”

For the construction of Wheal Jane solar farm, local contractors were employed to carry out the work, preparing the land, supplying fencing and installing the solar panels. The solar farm is situated at Wheal Jane, a reclaimed mine site, due to be home to the UK’s first earth science park that will use renewable energy from solar, wind, hydro, shallow and deep geothermal sources. The site is currently being developed with plans underway for a 60,000sqft business park.

Bernard Ballard, Marketing and Planning Director of the Wheal Jane Group added: “We are thrilled that Wheal Jane is now home to one of the UK’s first solar farms. This is another significant step towards our ambition to have a number of renewable technologies operating on the site providing green energy to businesses based here.’

Truro and St Austell based law firm Stephens Scown LLP has provided property and commercial legal advice to the Wheal Jane Group throughout this project.

Scott Mitchell, Partner and Commercial Property Team Leader at Stephens Scown LLP said: “We are absolutely delighted that this latest phase of regeneration and development of Wheal Jane has come to fruition through renewable technologies. This is the latest chapter in a long but extremely successful story for the site.”


Wheal Jane solar park construction gets underway

Work on the construction of the solar farm at Wheal Jane has begun in earnest.  Just five weeks in to the build, solar panels are being installed and virtually all the ground works and support infrastructure have been completed.

Wheal Jane partner company Carnon Contracting were delighted to win the contract for the site preparation, piling and trenching and has had a workforce of more than 25 working on the site in order to meet the short timescale.

The project must be completed and connected to the grid by July 31st 2011 in order to secure the current level of feed-in tariff. The government’s planned review, which has drastically reduced the incentive, comes into force on August 1st.

News for Cornwall's solar park

Panel frames in place and packs of panels about to be fixed.

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