Wheal Jane Group

Wheal Jane Laboratory

The Wheal Jane Laboratory offers a complete analytical service to mining, mineral processing and environmental clients worldwide using the latest analytical techniques.


The original lab was replaced by a purpose built facility on a different part of the site in 2006. The growth of the business has brought the need to expand further, and a new extension to house new equipment was completed at the end of 2011.

The techniques we use include AAS, XRF and ICP alongside traditional wet chemistry gravimetric and titrimetric methods. Our equipment certainly provides a broad range of capability and high accuracy, but speed of turnaround and a personal service are what set us apart from larger process-orientated labs.

Wardell Armstrong International, based on site, use us extensively for their projects around the world with results being fed straight to their own mineral processing labs on site at Wheal Jane for use in their evaluation and recovery plant design. The lab undertakes ongoing analysis of water from the water treatment plant on site for operators Veolia.

For overseas clients, the worldwide courier network and the use of e-mail and the internet means samples can be shipped to Wheal Jane from anywhere in the world quickly and results of analysis returned instantly and to multiple locations if required.

For more information visit www.whealjanelaboratory.co.uk

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