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Avoiding landfill

With many new construction projects popping up across Cornwall, older buildings are often being demolished, especially those which have the rather 70s look that has fallen out of favour. This can mean a lot of leftover materials such as concrete, which if not recycled would go to landfill. However, by using Wheal Jane these old materials can be crushed and screened, turning them into a variety of usable aggregate grades certified to the same standards as quarries.

But this is only part of the Wheal Jane story, We also can separate and reuse the stone content from inert/clean soils to use in our aggregate production as well as accepting contaminated soil and stone waste which can be incorporated on our waste facility for roadbuilding, safety bunds or restoration.

25th July 2019

Bagged Recycled Aggregates now available for collection

Wheal Jane is now keeping tonne bags of our high quality Recycled 803, ready to be collected.
We can also supply our other products bagged on request if required.

Please call on 01872 560200.

12th July 2019

Sustainable aggregates from recycled materials

When it comes time to source construction materials, many firms are now more interested than ever in the environmental side of things. They may boast green credentials where they are trying to reduce waste and re-use more, or they might be working for a client who is particularly interested in keeping things sustainable. Whatever the reason, using products such as gravel made from recycled materials can have many advantages, so here are some things to think about.

Are recycled aggregates as good as new?

Recycled aggregates may be inexpensive compared to quarried products, but quality is not compromised when you use our recycled aggregates. They are the same grade and quality as new products from a quarry and must adhere to strict Highway Standards when being sold as such, so you don’t have to worry about using them for your important projects. Some things that recycled aggregates might be used for include:

  • Road construction
  • Bulk fills
  • Noise barriers
  • Fill for drainage

They can be simply used as a direct replacement for virgin aggregates, whilst saving you money.

13th June 2019


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