Wheal Jane Group


The South Crofty Collection was launched in 1988 with just two designs – an ingot and Celtic cross – and the project was an instant success. Over the years, the range has grown to over 100 items. Many of our designs are inspired by Cornish tradition and landmarks alongside beautiful contemporary jewellery.

The entire jewellery-making process is carried out here on site, and each item is made entirely by hand. The tin is first smelted and cast into ingots which are then melted down as needed to go into our jewellery moulds. Each items is then fettled, polished and chained up ready for sale before being packaged and dispatched from our workshops on the Wheal Jane site. Our craftspeople are all highly skilled to ensure the best possible quality from our products.

Sadly South Crofty, the last operating tin mine in Cornwall, closed in 1998. To ensure that the production of our jewellery and gifts could continue, some of the last reserves extracted were stockpiled especially for the Collection. The partly processed ore, or concentrate, continues to be smelted in batches to meet the ongoing needs of the workshop.

To see a short video of the process, please click here to go to Youtube.

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