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South Crofty Collection – the big question

Twenty years on from the closure of South Crofty Mine, the question sometimes put to us is ‘where does your tin come from?’

The South Crofty Collection was first launched in 1988, and became an integral part of the mining operation. It provided the opportunity to buy a piece of the real Cornwall, a tactile link to its history and Cornwall’s influential, distinctive and arguably most unique feature.

When the mine closed, a quantity of partially refined ore (known as concentrate) was kept aside so that production of our unique jewellery and gifts could continue, at least for a few years. As part of the formation of the Wheal Jane Group, the business and production was relocated to Wheal Jane along with the precious stock of tin concentrate.

Only two employees then remained in the virtually abandoned processing plant where the concentrate had been produced for a number of years. In a moment of reflection, one of them realised that over the years concentrate had collected on conveyor belts, on girders and in all sorts of difficult-to-access nooks and crannies.

There followed months with a dustpan and brush… and the result? Enough concentrate to double the stockpile. So, thanks to a chance thought and a dustpan and brush, we shall be producing beautiful items of pure Cornish tin for a few years yet!

9th October 2018


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