Wheal Jane Group

Wheal Jane hosts Truro College student field trip

A group of some thirty Truro and Penwith College A-level students recently enjoyed a visit to Wheal Jane where they were able to hear first-hand details of the activities and work taking place at the former mine site. The visit included presentations by the operators of the site of the Wheal Jane Group, and the company which operates the water treatment plant on behalf of the Coal Authority, Veolia Ltd. A number of the students are aiming for a career in geological sciences, and many aspects of the site are of interest to them, including the mine water treatment plant and the remediation and development of the site. Organiser of the trip, Leslie Allen, commented, “We study OCR A-level Geology, and Wheal Jane is actually in the textbook as a case study for acid mine water treatment and remediation, so this visit was perfect!”

A group of students studying for a Master Degree in Surveying and Land Management also visited the site this week, demonstrating the broad spectrum of topics and subjects for which the site holds great interest for students looking to develop careers in the field of earth sciences.

25th March 2014


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