Wheal Jane Group

Third Age meets New Era

P1030519 small“Former professionals and their associates from across Devon and Cornwall who once served in the property management of the former English China Clays Group of Companies meet twice a year under the banner of TALC – The Third Age Luncheon Club.

Whenever possible we like to add something of interest to our day together. 

On 15th May 2015 we visited Wheal Jane and enjoyed a presentation by Bernard Ballard which included the history of the mine, the remedial work that followed its closure and the interesting development of the site to provide a cluster of specialist Earth Science businesses based on skills associated with miners generally.  We were also very interested in the special work that was being devoted to nature conservation and relations with the community.

After the meeting we all adjourned for lunch at the Victoria Inn in Threemilestone!”

Whilst on site, members of the group took the opportunity to visit the main shaft head where the Mine Water Treatment Plant pumping begins, as well as the Wheal Jane Analytical Laboratory and other recently developed facilities, all part of a new era for the former mine site.

8th June 2015


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