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Taiwan interest in Wheal Jane development

Taiwan visitors

Representatives of the Taiwan Smart Grid Industry Association (TSGIA) and Taiwan-based multinational company Tatung made a further visit to the Wheal Jane site this week, reflecting their continued interest in the development of the site as an earth science park, and in particular the renewable energy opportunities which would help create a unique example of the sustainable development of a site such as Wheal Jane, at the same time presenting interesting challenges and opportunities in relation to the creation and management of green energy systems.

Whilst in Cornwall, the group have visited other potential projects of interest, facilitated by the Cornwall Development Company section of Cornwall Council as part of an exercise to develop commercial links with Cornwall.

Pictured are Chen Yenhaw of the Taiwan Smart Grid Industry Association, Lu Su-Ying of the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, I. P. Chen of Tatung Co, David Giddings, chairman of the Wheal Jane Group, and Bernard Ballard, Wheal Jane’s Marketing and Planning Director.

8th May 2015


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