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Dog rescued from nearby mineshaft

A local resident’s dog had a lucky escape yesterday. Missing for more than 48 hours, it was eventually found and rescued by the fire service from a shallow mineshaft a short distance outside the Wheal Jane site boundary. To read the whole story and see a short video clip of the rescue, click here.

To be sure there are no such risks on the Wheal Jane site, all known shafts are fitted with cage-style caps to ensure they remain safe and secure. These prevent accidental access, but being popular habitats for birds and bats, still allow uninterrupted access to these popular roosting places.

If anyone has concerns regarding an existing or possible void, shaft or mysterious depression on their land, the Wheal Jane Group can help with its ‘one-stop-shop’ service.

The companies within the Group can research historical mining activity in the area using our huge private collection of mining plans and records. If a potential problem is identified, we can also carry out a site investigation and, if necessary, rectify the problem using a number of proven methods. For more information, click here.

3rd August 2016


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