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Carnon install meganewton pile at former Selwoods Garage site in Camborne for Kier Living

Wheal Jane EnterprisesIn recent weeks, Carnon have been installing piles ranging in compression loads from 225kN to 1000kN. The 250mm diameter piles are being installed using Odex drilling techniques to support a new residential development at North Roskear in Camborne. The complex geometry and depth of the vertical and inclined pile network has been necessary due to the proximity of mining features. The deepest pile installed was 30m, and a vacuum excavation system was deployed to keep dust and mining waste fill arisings to a minimum given the congested site and close proximity to residential properties.

On completion of the drilling, the pile reinforcement cages were installed, but given the lack of working space on site, it was necessary to fabricate the cages at Carnon Contracting’s yard at Wheal Jane near Truro and ship them to site as required. The piles were reinforced to full depth with cages and a 50mm diameter central bar to accommodate the tension load required. The cages were installed using an excavator to lower the 6m sections of reinforcement into the pile bore before being spliced and coupled to the next section.

19th May 2017


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